Office Lunch Catering Menu

Sandwich Platters

(Dressed how we know you’ll love it or with condiments/toppings on the
side, we recommend 1.5 per person [pp])

Choose from the following or let us decide:

$8.55 ea – Salmon Salad

$7.45 ea – Roast Beef, Omega-3 Roasted Turkey Breast, Chopped Liver, Chopped Herring,
Pickled Cooked Tongue or Schneider’s Beef Salami

$6.90 ea – Smith’s Pastrami, Smith’s Corned Beef, Ham & Cheese, Smoked Turkey Breast,
Chicken Salad or Tuna Salad

$6.40 ea – Egg Salad, Montreal Smoked Beef, Smith’s Beef Salami, Ham

Cheese Platters

Available with proper notice. Minimum 10 people. We carry a large selection of Bothwell Cheeses $2.00 – $4.00 pp


Quinoa Baby Greens Beet Carrot Chickpea Mixed Veggies Honey Mustard Vinaigrette $4.25 pp,
minimum 3 people

Greek, Caesar or Orange Almond $3.50 pp, minimum 3 people, Garden $2.75 pp


Carrot Cake $4.00 ea (can serve 2), full sheet carrot cake $40 for 12 pieces

Cookies $0.85 ea poppy, sprinkle, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chunk, double chocolate, peanut butter or white chocolate macadamia nut

We can also bring in anything made by Gunn’s or Goodies for dessert

Call 204-488-4552 for assistance.


Poached Salmon $4.99/100g

Chicken Schnitzel $3.60/100g

Roasted Chicken $20/bird in 8 pcs

Cooked Sliced Beef Brisket $5.00 / 100g

Marinara Turkey (gluten-free) or Sweet & Sour Beef Meatballs $10.50/dz


Hummus $2.30/100g

Garlic Eggplant $2.30/100g

Spinach $2.10/100g

Smoked Salmon $3.25/100g

Fruit Or Veggie Trays

Available with proper notice. Minimum 10 people. Select seasonal assortment $3.50 pp, veggie tray includes salad dressing


Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Pasta Salad $2.75 pp.

Cabbage Borscht or Soup of the Day $5.40 pp

Pickled Sliced Beets $0.85 pp.

Matzo Ball Soup full $7.60, half $5.85

Greek Quinoa $4.30 pp.

Dill Pickle Spears Two $0.85, Four $1.55

Potato Latkes w/ sour cream or apple sauce $2.50 each

City wide delivery service available for $15, by appointment, min 24 hrs notice. We will do our best to deliver on your schedule within 5 km, $5 or free for orders over $100. Over 5 km delivery fixed at $1 per km or portion (based on Google maps)